I’m better. It’s something I’ve just come to notice. Have you ever been out on a boat at sea and you get so far away from land that you begin to think that it never existed. Then one day you think that you are imagining the landscape changing. As you travel further a small bump appears in the horizon. The next day you notice it’s green. There is a green that exists that is not a tainted sea-green, but a pure green. You stare at it, talking yourself out of believing it’s there. How could it be? You’re at sea and not standing on land, so how could there actually be land? Next thing I knew, I docked.  It was waiting for me. Grass. Bugs. Streams. Shit, even a rainbow. I sat in my boat, waiting for a wave to push me back out to see. I saw the ripples beating against the bow, but I never capsized. Nary a jiggle. Now, I’m getting my land legs back. Don’t be shocked if I wobble.

Today is an unofficial sugar day. This morning I brought in my ginormous scarecrow mug to Jammin’ Java for some mocha-lovin’. Oh did they give it to me. Whipped cream AND chocolate sprinkles. I felt quite spoiled. Even mother nature greeted me walking over there with some beautiful blossoms.

I have been so forgetful lately. Glenn and I will have a conversation about what we’ll be doing on the weekend and I won’t remember a single word of it. Usually I’m fairly on top of things, but I’ve noticed certain things are sliding. I can’t tell if it is apathy or amnesia. I just received a replacement iPhone and even it has amnesia. My most used app on it is the Lists Free one. You know, the one where I keep lists of everything. Stuff I have to do, stuff I have to buy, stuff I will do one day, my Christmas lists. It’s all gone. All of the other apps were completely restored except for that one. I think it’s holding my information as blackmail until I purchase the official app.

This is me being jealous. That almost green tinge in the picture? Yeah, that’s my glow: http://shoeism.wordpress.com/2010/04/09/because-this-blog-is-all-about-me/#comment-9963

    Today is all about the rainbow.

    The last seven months have not been good. There were great moments, but I could not see them. I kept myself distracted. Over the last few weeks I discovered that there might be a rainbow outside of my little rain cloud.

    As I walked into Jammin’ Java this morning, Dawn saw me comin’ and checked to see how much pumpkin latte they had. Sadly they were out, but I’m fairly certain they made the last one for a friend of mine. ;)

    This weekend I went out to my parents for a final birthday celebration! It was wonderful and relaxing and started off with cupcakes! I received a GINORMOUS box of movies including all of the Harry Potter movies that I have seemed to be without. We even watched the Half-Blood Prince! Saturday night we went out to dinner for Mexican food. I love how I always get free entertainment when I go out to eat with them :0)
    After dinner I played with the Beagle who has learned to poop in the litter box. The next morning we learned that the impossible had happened. Fayetteville was getting dumped on with snow! We raced home! What was usually a three hour drive turned into a six hour drive. 412 was impassable just west of Hunstville and my poor little car had issues going up the hills. Thankfully with the help of passersby in pick-up trucks we made it home! Then we collapsed!

    Thank you to everyone who helped make my birthday-week so special!

    I took a drive out to Lake Wedington. I had the place to myself and it drizzled most of the time. I don’t know what it is about the water, but it has always calmed me.

    For lunch I went to Wendy’s, it was only afterward that I checked my e-mail and found the $1 coupon they sent me. So, ALWAYS CHECK YOUR E-MAIL BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ON YOUR BIRTHDAY! Also, sign up for stuff!

    I talked with some friends, re-organized my FarmVille, and watched a few episodes from season three of Venture Bros. A note to Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick: STAY ON SCRIPT or eat more sugar. I found it best to stop watching the show and just listen. You guys should have a radio show called Off Topic.

    That night we ate some good Chicago style pizza at Gusano’s…which I will have for lunch the next couple of days. Then we went to Fast Lanes. I’ll admit it, I got lost getting there. We had ice cream cake, and I think I made a mistake by drinking a chocolate milkshake with it. I won a Shikamaru doll for Glenn and tried three times on a Happiness Bunny doll that was too heavy for the claw. Oh well. It was a fun night and I walked away with a chicken and some pirate tattoos.

    Glenn got me three gifts. The first of which was that he went in to Best Buy to get my gift. The second was Castle in the Sky. And then he got me the seventh season of the Gilmore Girls. I do not own seasons one through six, but this is the one I’ve wanted. I have watched the previous seasons several times over the last few years and cried all through the final episode of season six. I still have yet to see the seventh season. I’ve heard horrible rumors, but just maybe they aren’t true! Every time I went to borrow it from someone, it was gone. So now I have it! I guess you could say that the fourth gift Glenn got me is that he is going to have to watch it with me. He who asked at the end of season three: Rory got in to college, is it over now?

    It was such a good day that Howl woke up in the bathtub the next morning.

    I started the morning off well. Curled my hair, put on Irish everything, then went out for a free mocha at Jammin’ Java! There was lots of whipped cream. Then Sophie helped me pick out which Buffy episode to watch. “Once More with Feeling” from season six, the musical episode. (Question for you Buffy fans: does anyone else want to sing a Beatles Woooo! at the end of Spike’s song?) Howl started to get fussy so I broke out the catnip, now I have two tripping kitties by me.

    Facebook has been full of well wishes. I got an e-mail from the mayor, and discovered that today is also Princess Farhana’s birthday!

    See if you can finish this sentence: Today is the kind of day where I want to put my hands on everything green and say ___. Clue: two letter word, from a Fairuza Balk movie.

    I was just about to head out. I was feeling done in and lethargic from a lack of sleep. Jumping ahead one hour or not, I have not been Here today. This morning I kept juggling the decision: latte or tea, latte or tea? Finally tea won out with the promise of how well Girl Scout cookies go with it. By eleven I was considering going out for a latte. Or a muffin. Can’t do a chocolate milkshake unless I get in my car to drive for one. As I sat here debating, in walks one of my best friends. She decided to give me my birthday presents early: Irish pins, a ghirardelli chocolate bar, and an Irish sized shot glass filled with buttercream kisses. Sometimes it just pays to be indecisive.


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